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Ever wondered about the history behind the Maserati Trident?

We have seven luxury wedding cars in our Supercar stable, which provide a high-end chauffeured wedding car hire service for our customers - the bride, groom and their families. They love the luxury cars we provide, especially the Italian ones and none more so than the Maseratis. Therefore, we thought it would be good to explain a little bit of the history behind the marque.

The Maserati story begins with railroad worker Rodolfo Maserati, his wife Carolina Losi and seven Maserati children, who all inherited their father’s passion for speed and precision engineering.

The Maserati family hailed from Bologna, Italy, where the Fountain of Neptune in the City's Piazza Maggiore was inspiration for Mario, the artist of the family, who decided that the Trident held by Neptune would make a great brand logo at the suggestion of family friend Marquis Diego de Sterlich. It was considered particularly appropriate for the sports car company due to fact that Neptune represents strength and vigour; additionally, the statue is a characteristic symbol of the company's original home city.


In 1926 during the winter months, Alfieri, Ernesto and Ettore worked tirelessly on their first original creation: the Tipo 26. It was the first car named Maserati and it proudly displayed the soon-to-be-famous Trident logo.

In 1937 Adolfo Orsi, an entrepreneur from Modena, purchased Maserati from the Maserati brothers and soon after the company moved from Bologna to Modena, to the factory at 322 vVale Ciro Menotti. Owners can still visit the production line today and watch the master car makers in action.

In 1946 the A6 1500 was born, this was the first road going production vehicle in the history of the company and the 3500 GT followed suit.

The brand celebrated its Centenary in 2014 and is still thriving under FCA (Fiat Chrysler – owners of Ferrari) ownership. Still to this day Maserati continue to manufacture elegant, sleek and stylish vehicles, which we all know and love.

Our luxury wedding cars feature the Maserati GTS and Ghibli. The GTS is a grand tourer and provides speed, elegance and passion, plus it sounds amazing too – that Italian V8 is pure music. It is very popular with the groom and is used regularly as a groom’s car as part of our Secret Service programme, often with the best men; it can carry three passengers in absolute style.


 Our Ghibli is the ultimate wedding car for the bride and other family members.  As a bride’s car, its triple-layered pearlescent white paint shimmers, even on a grey day.The perfect wedding transport to complement the bride.  Its four doors allow seamless access for the bride, so she can arrive relaxed and calm, ready for the day.

The Maserati family did not envisage their cars to be used as wedding transport, but we cannot think of a better way to provide a wedding car package for your big day. Contact us today for a bespoke luxury wedding car quote.

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Ever wondered about the history behind the Trident brand?


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