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What happens if I want to book multiple cars?

Subject to availability, we can provide up to all six cars for your wedding.

Are there any incentives to book more than one car?

Yes, we offer multi car discounts for two or more cars per booking. Please contact us for specific pricing and a tailor made quote.

Can I book a surprise car for my partner?

Yes, we provide a discrete/secret service whereby we can arrange “behind the scenes” the exact timings, route and choice of bar for a drink enroute to the venue, without your partner discovering your plan/present for them.

How do we keep in touch, while organising your surprise present?

We use a number of communication technologies, such as but not limited to: Email, Phone, SMS, FB Messenger, WhatsApp, Zoom, Skype etc… We arrange convenient times for the communications so that you can be sure your partner is not aware of your plans.

What happens if I want to move different members of the party, involve different cars, include performance runs and additional time for stunning photos?

We can provide a totally bespoke quote that meets your exacting needs and requirements for your day.

What happens if I want to book a Prom Run?

Unfortunately the only car that can be provided is the Tesla S90 which is managed by Tesla Chauffeur Cars. All bookings will be passed to them, through ourselves.

What happens if there is snow on the ground?

As stated in our T&Cs, we will make every reasonable endeavour to get you to your venue, ensuring everyone’s safety first. We can even use 4x4 vehicles if the conditions permit us to do this.

If I book a car for a wedding in two years’ time, can you guarantee that car will be available?

When you place the booking, you are reserving a specific car. However, with such a long lead time and the very nature motor vehicles, we cannot guarantee that the car will be available if it has broken down that morning, has been recalled by the manufacturer or had been involved in accident and is now being repaired. In each one of those situations and many others that we cannot cover here, we will endeavour to find a similar replacement from the rest of our fleet.

I only want a 15 minute run to the venue – why are the costs so high?

Our starting prices cover the finance, insurance (car and business liability) and maintenance costs of running a fleet of cars that are in excess of £500k in value. Whether it’s a 15 minute run or a longer run(s), we still have to clean the cars meticulously the day before and after your event; we have to do the pre maintenance checks prior to your trip, we have to dress the cars with flowers/ribbons (as you choose). We will always stay for photos, unless you say otherwise, so a short run actually lasts for approx. 5 hours and if we have multiple runs it can last up to 10 hrs. In essence we cannot do multiple jobs in one day, so if you wish to reserve the car, we have to charge a minimum cost to cover our hefty overheads. However, with that said, if it is local to our site and you do not want us to wait for photos, then we will gladly discuss a discount where applicable.

I want several vehicles, but you don’t supply all the cars that I need?

We have many partners within the industry, so we can arrange a solution with them for your complete package. We will take care of all of the bookings and organisation.

Are any of the Supercars Self-drive?

Sorry no, we cannot offer this service.

How many passengers does each car seat?

Most of the cars can seat 3 passenger with the exception of both Ferraris (both single seaters) and the DB9 which has very small rear seats so can accommodate one Adult and two children (flower girls or page boys usually)

Do you offer just pickup and drop off?

Absolutely not, not only do we offer Wedding Transport but we offer a “Secret Service” allowing the Brides or Grooms to book one of our supercars as a “suprise gift” for their partner. We also offer “performance runs” for the guests/bridal party, usually in between the ceremony and the formal reception which allows many people to experience the once in a lifetime thrill of a supercar.

Can we view the cars prior to making a booking?

Yes with prior arrangement this should not be a problem.

Can I hire a Supercar for a prom/school leavers party?

The vast majority of the Supercars on our website are only available for weddings. We can at this time only offer the Tesla S90 for prom use.

What will the driver wear?

The drivers will be smartly dressed (suit).

What happens if the driver is late or the car suffers a breakdown?

For longer journeys the risk of delay does increase however we always try and provide ample time to get to the pick up location. In the case of a breakdown en-route to you we will attempt to secure another Supercar. Although the likelihood of breakdown is low, we would recommend to all our customers that they nominate a friend or guest at the wedding to be on standby with their car. If this does occur we provide a full refund. Please see our terms and conditions for more details.

How can I book a car or multi-cars?

Click the “Book Now” form on the website above and fill in the webform including as much detail as possible with number of guests, pickup and drop off location and one of our team will contact you right away with a bespoke quote. We offer discounts for multiple car bookings.

How much is the deposit?

To book a car a 30% non-refundable deposit is required. The remaining balance is due four weeks before the wedding. Please see our terms and conditions for more details.

When will I have confirmation of the booking?

Once a deposit has been received, you will be sent a booking confirmation reference number via email. We will also request that you send us the finer details regarding the logistics too and we will keep in regular contact with you during the lead up to your big day.


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